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Technology Solutions

Our clients consistently receive timely, thorough and accurate inventory verification and inspection services performed by our skilled team of professionals, employing the most up-to-date technology. Here’s how it works: AutoVIN puts the latest technology tools in the experienced hands of our company-employed field representatives to provide our customers with the most accurate information available.

AutoVIN field representatives use the latest in handheld technology and follow standardized inspection and auditing procedures to electronically record all information right in the field, eliminating errors and omissions and reducing the amount of time taken to process critical information. The interface is intuitive, guiding the user step-by-step through a list of client-defined data collection requirements. Standardized process flows and screen prompts ensure consistent performance by our field staff.

Providing the answers you need

Our highly configurable Web-based applications are designed to meet the specific needs of our varied customers. This technology provides our field specialists the tools to provide accurate, timely reports that exceed customer expectations. It enables customer-specific modifications quickly, keeping clients on track and accelerating even when business rules turn in a new direction.

Providing the access you need

Web-based systems eliminate paper processes and allows data results to be quickly communicated to the client for review and management. We use XML, the industry standard for data representation and transformation, to accurately and efficiently export data in a format readily accessible to our clients.

Completed assignments are uploaded each business day. And customer management reports are automatically generated and delivered via our secure customer portal, which is accessible any time, anywhere.