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About AutoVIN

AutoVIN, the Automated Vehicle Information Network, is the industry-leading solution for trusted vehicle inspections, inventory verification and facility standards audits.

We provide audit and inspection services to major companies throughout North America, including auto manufacturers, financial institutions, leasing companies, warranty companies and contract service administrators.

Headquartered in Carmel, Ind., we are an international network of highly trained, company-employed field representatives. As a subsidiary of ADESA, AutoVIN has the resources to provide our field representatives with the training, tools and most up-to-date technology they need to deliver accurate and timely results. We use a secure customer portal to communicate and share data provided in a format that gives you the power to work faster and more effectively than ever before.


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Condition Reporting

Base your investment decisions on thorough and accurate vehicle condition reports—provided by AutoVIN’s team of field reps.

AutoVIN’s condition reporting solution is comprehensive, timely and tailored to meet your needs. Condition reports are only as reliable and accurate as the field representative inputting the data—and the system used to process that input. AutoVIN’s team members have proven track records in relevant areas including insurance adjusting, collision estimating and auto mechanics. The Web-based application used by our team is easily configured to track your criteria. And the interface is intuitive for input and presentation of your report data.

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Inventory Verification Auditing

Manage your risk using reliable information—provided by AutoVIN’s team of field reps.

AutoVIN’s inventory verification audit solution combines an experienced operations management system with a team of field representatives. Our employees are highly trained and equipped with the latest technology, to provide the inventory information crucial for your business decisions. Our expansive network will serve as your eyes and ears wherever you need us to be. You’ll be able to quickly and securely access our reports through AutoVIN’s customer portal.

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Physical Collision Appraisal

Canada only
Get an accurate assessment of the physical damage—provided by AutoVIN’s team of field reps.

AutoVIN’s physical damage application solution can give you an accurate picture—using images and values—of a vehicle’s status. The assessment is timely, thorough and based on your standards. And, you can access the information whenever you need it on our customer portal.

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Facility Standards Auditing

Track the status of your asset facilities using objective data—provided by AutoVIN’s team of field reps.

AutoVIN’s facility standards audit solution uses fully customizable criteria within the latest technology tools to gather the information you need to make data-driven decisions. Deploy AutoVIN’s team of field representatives to be your feet on the ground to capture facility or program related data at facilities anywhere in North America. Set the standards and AutoVIN’s team will verify compliance.